MKEX Technology Exhibition

MKEX Technology Exhibition

As a Full Service Marketing Agency we are always geared up to show off our skills whenever the opportunity arises, and where better than on our home turf at the MKEX Technology Exhibition at the MK Dons Stadium in Milton Keynes. BOOM!

Bursting with over 80 stands, there were a good mix of old and new faces with a healthy dose of fresh competition. A perfect setting and audience, allowing us to present our team and in-house skill set.

Marketing can make or break a business and so it was a fantastic opportunity for us to share our knowledge and experience. If you attended you will know that we had two stands located at the event, mainly due to the vibrant and colourful summer theme we had going on. Let's be honest, you couldn't miss it! 

When attending networking events or exhibitions you need to have something that will set you apart from everyone else. How many business cards did you come away with, and how many of those do you actually remember? Very few I imagine... and out of those few, only key characteristics stick in your mind.

Featuring big names such as ITV, MKFM and BMW, one would think, making a lasting impression would be near impossible, but not for 123. Even with it raining outside our summer theme made a huge impact and it was hard not to spot someone without a "mocktail" in their hand or donning one of our Hawaiian leis, including the MKEX staff, adding to the exhibitions lively buzz.

You may not have even come to our stand, you might not have spoken to us... But I am sure we have made an impact in some way. Maybe something as small as you wondering why so many people were wearing Hawaiian Leis, in some cases that's all it takes. That's what we're all about, we don't do "sales," clients come to us because what we do actually works, because we share our knowledge and show how we can make it work for you. That's the point.

"We find that a key part of our success is sharing our knowledge, expertise and having a dynamic team who aren't afraid to try something a little out of the ordinary and step outside the box.
Our Google Analytics talk was a great example, seeing so many people take an interest and always having such a great turn out, shows us that we must be doing something right!" - Scott Jones MD

Next time you're at a networking event or taking part in an exhibition, have a think about how you can make that first impression. Don't just hand out a business card... well do, but don't just do what everyone else is doing. Show people what makes you, you...

and if you see us there, come say hi! We will be the ones standing out in the crowd...

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