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Stunning Animation & Motion Graphics

Explainer videos and Motion Graphics are seeing a huge rise in popularity and for good reason. Part of Google’s algorithm takes into account the length of time a visitor stays on your page, this makes video a widely underrated marketing tool. If used correctly a Video / Animation can be incredibly effective in increasing your conversion rates, explaining a service or even reinforcing your brand identity.

With animation, looking good is important, but you need to capture the users attention. A video is about telling a story, something that cannot just be written about. The web can be a very busy and overwhelming place, and in some cases very hard to stand out. Motion graphics will get your company noticed!


The process:

We bring your ideas to life, starting with an initial meeting we will develop a bespoke strategy that will work for you, helping to maximise your ROI.

We take static graphics, illustrations and photography and animate them to create stunning visuals . Our success is driven by our attention to detail, at 123 Internet Group we listen to our clients and work closely with them to develop strategic campaigns.  

Why do you need video?

  • Content with relevant images gets 94% more views
    than content without relevant images.

  • 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name
    video as the type of content with the best ROI.

  • Midway through 2015, mobile video plays exceeded 44%
    up 74% from 2014 and up a whopping 844% since 2012.

  • Visual content is more than 40X more likely to get shared
    on social media than other types of content.

  • 84% are using video for website marketing.

Animated Explanation Videos

Short Animated Motion Graphics

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