An Introduction To Social Media

An Introduction To Social Media


If you didn’t already know, social media is a form of communication and interaction online. Social media has been around since the very beginning of the World Wide Web but however in the last 10 years or so there has been a major increase in popularity and the number of social media sites. The reason for its name is that it allows people to interact with it in a social context, this can be in the form of conversations (which is the most common form), possibly commentary and other engagement interactions.

Content has become even easier to publish in the last few years which has caused the social media industry to grow. People that may have struggled with technology before can now post and share content on a number of social media platforms


Social media has opened a lot more opportunities for business due to the shift in web consumerism. Customers open up the opportunities as the amount of data they allow to be seen through social media is so vast that web marketers are able to use it all to their advantage. The best part of this is being able to build long last relationships with your customers through social media platforms.

As everyone is well aware the popularity of certain social media platforms has grown enormously in a past few years and still continues to grow. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and many others are now becoming increasingly popular for business use.

Your company needs social media. It does not matter whether you own a small local business or a national award winning business, your customers are online. Your competitors will already be online ready to answer your customer’s queries and listening to what they need. Creating a relationship with your customer is vital to making more opportunities, these relationships will be the start of what could possibly be one of your greatest marketing assets.




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