How Are Keywords Used In SEO?

How Are Keywords Used In SEO?


If you have just started using SEO for your website it may take years to get the top rankings on search engines with the top leading brands. It is important to understand the demand for the keywords and search terms. There are many different tools to help you with the keyword research.

Keywords are crucial for information retrieval within search engines. When the search engines are crawling a websites pages for their content, they store the keywords of the web pages within keyword based indices. This means they are able to have millions of small databases each for a particular keyword what makes it a lot faster to find information and so they don’t have to store billions of web pages in one database.


Search engines will provide results based on what words were entered into the search bar. Even though many of the searches are made by the most basic search terms such as “Plumbers”, they only make up 30% of searches made on search engines. 70% of the searches are known as “long tail” searches. These are made up of more unique searches which are usually by people who know exactly what they are looking for and this is the traffic you will want to be bringing in.

Spelling and grammar play a part in searching as well as they can provide additional information which can help narrow down a search. The search engines will also determine how relevant the content on the page is to the search, this is best done by ensuring the keywords have been used in a title or text within the content.

There is a very common mistake made for many years, people often cram as many keywords a possible into the text, URL and links but this usually causes more harm to your website than expected. To ensure this doesn’t happen just try to use the keywords as naturally and strategically as possible. This can be done by including content about the keyword instead of just throwing the keyword in where it makes no sense.

Search engines are still unable to understand text as well as us humans but they are now able to get closer to this ideal with the help of machine learning. Unfortunately in the beginning of search engines, they would rely on the keywords regardless of the context or use of them.



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