Design and Development

Design and Development

As mentioned before, we know that search engines are not able to see a website the way we can. They are limited to how they can crawl the internet because of this. In this article I will be telling you about the technical aspects of creating web pages so that they are suitable for search engines and us humans.

It is extremely important that content on the web page should be in HTML text format to ensure that the web page is listed in the search engines. If you place any words or phrases in the HTML text on the page this will make sure that any of these words or phrases that are understood by humans can also be understood by the search engines. Search engines tend to ignore any images and other non-text content, even though the crawling technology becoming more advanced.

A crawlable link structure is extremely important to be able to find all of the web pages on a website. A crawlable link structure is the one that lets the spiders browse all the pathways of a website. The search engines need to be able to see the links so that they are able to see the content on the page.

You must make sure you don’t make the common mistake of structuring the navigation of you website in a way that search engines are not able to access, which will then mean your pages will not be able to be listed on the search engines.

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