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Increasing your search engine marketing guarantees that your customers find you before finding any competitors who have turned a blind eye to monthly SEO (search engine optimisation) support. Improving your rankings within search engines through SEO marketing dramatically increases the number of people visiting your website, improving its ROI (return on investment).

123 Internet will improve your search engine positions through careful and cost-effective search engine placement

“We constantly come across organisations that have spent a small fortune on Pay Per Click (PPC) or AdWords campaigns, which devour SEO budgets and often short-change the business. 123 Internet has ‘grown up’ with search engine marketing and regularly outperforms PPC/AdWords campaign results, which helps reduce the website owner’s cost of sale.” Scott Jones, SEO expert at 123 Internet

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Write clear and concise content which appeals to the readers. Ensure you have a good balance of keyword and phrases through-out the text and the content is updated regularly.

Keywords & Phrases

Select the right keywords. Use online tools such as Google Analytics to see which keywords and phrases result in the most goal conversions. Carry out periodic searches and review the search volume and competition both locally and nationally. Stay away from one or two keyword phrases. Select niche key phrases with low completion or focus on targeted geographic areas.

Keyword Ratio

Use your keywords wisely. Your keyword density ratio should be about 3%. Use our reports to review each of your pages to ensure the placement and ratios are correct.

Text Styling

Use bullet points, italics and bold to highlight your keywords and phrases. Utilise H1, H2 and H3 tags, using CSS to customise the appearance.


Optimise your images. Use keywords and phrases in the title and the alt tag of all images you’re including. Rename the file names to include long-tail keywords and phrases.


Upload interactive and informative videos to YouTube and embed these into individual pages of your website. Ensure you use a title, keywords and phrases to help position your video and rank higher.


Create a html sitemap on your website and submit an XML sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools. Remember – If you use videos you must also submit an XML video sitemap to ensure both pages and videos are indexed quickly.


Hyperlink keywords and phrase that contain your targeted keywords. Ensure every hyperlink has a title and alt tag which matches your page content.

Competitor Analysis

Analyse your competitors websites, their rankings and their chosen keywords and phrase. The number and quality of links you receive from other sites is important, therefore research your competition and the top sites within your industry and examine their linking strategy and compare the incoming links to your competitors’ sites to find possible link partners for your site.


Conduct regular analysis via Google Analytics and other search engine reports. Learn which locations, content pages and keywords drive traffic to your website.

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Instant FREE SEO Report & Website Audit

FREE SEO Report & Website Search Engine Marketing Review
FREE SEO Report & Website Search Engine Marketing Review
FREE SEO Report & Website Search Engine Marketing Review
FREE SEO Report & Website Search Engine Marketing Review