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It is important to use consistent branding when using social media platforms to market and advertise your business.

Unfortunately one design doesn't always fit all platform's requirements and specific images should be created for each of the social platforms to maximises your exposure.

To help save time and ensure you achieve this we have collated some information and offer a range of downloadable template files in PSD format.

Social Media Branding Templates


Facebook Cover Photo Template - Optimised for Desktop and Mobile

The first of the two templates will help you create a design that is optimised for desktops and ensure that your profile photo doesn't obscure any of your design's most important elements. The second template takes into account the appearance of cover photos and profile photos on the Facebook mobile app for iOS and Android, and is recommended for those who want to super optimise their Facebook Page. There is a distinct difference between the desktop and mobile (iPhone app) view of the profile and cover photos of a Facebook Page.

On the mobile app:

  • The profile photo takes centre stage, relegating the cover to the background
  • The profile photo spans almost the whole height of the cover photo, and over a quarter of its width from the left-hand edge.
  • The cover photo is obscured by the Page name and category, as well as a dark gradient overlay that begins from the left-hand edge.
  • To see the cover photo in full and read its description, a mobile viewer must tap on it.

With so many people accessing Facebook Pages on mobile, it is more important than ever to cater to their needs and encourage them to engage with your content - and an optimised cover and profile photo can go a long way to make that happen!

You can create a Facebook profile and cover photo that is optimised for both desktop and mobile views. Here's the breakdown of the template elements:

  • The orange box represents the space covered by the desktop profile photo.
  • The blue box represents the space covered b the mobile profile photo.
  • The dark green box represents the general area covered by your Page's name and category on the mobile view.
  • The gradient emerging from the left represents the same gradient seen on mobile devices
  • The light green area represents the space where your design will be unobstructed

Twitter Background Image, Header Image & Feed Image Template

Twitter profile backgrounds are a a prime piece of real estate for brands, but creating one that is optimised to be seen as intended by as many users of the site as possible can be tricky due to the wide variety of screen resolutions that the site is browsed at on desktops. Problems include:

  • Design hidden behind news feed
  • Design looks different from one screen to another (brand message hidden)
  • Design not optimised for largest resolutions, leaving blank areas

No matter what resolution people view Twitter on their desktop monitor, the news feed - which is always 865 pixels wide - will always sit in the centre of the page. That leaves an equal amount of space either side of it for visible background design (the rest being hidden behind the news feed itself). How much of the design is visible by a user, then, depends on the resolution of their display. Therefore, in designing your Twitter background, you should aim to cater to as many people using as many different resolutions as possible, especially if you want branding on either side of the feed that isn't just a plain or patterned background (promotions, slogans, product images, etc).

According to the most recent global statistics, the most popular screen resolution for viewing the web is 1366 x 768 pixels (around 24% of the total) followed by 1024 x 768 (around 16%). From these stats (and those for less common sizes), we can deduce that for the vast majority of people viewing your Twitter profile will be able to view a background design optimised for a 1366 x 768 pixel resolution. Anything designed for bigger resolutions will be wasted on the majority of users.

Twitter backgrounds are left-aligned by default, but this template is designed for optimal viewing on all resolutions when the background is centred, so make sure to switch to this option when you upload!

The Twitter Header Image Template will help you brand your Twitter header photo without having any of your most important design elements be hidden by your profile photo, name, bio, etc. Simply add your design to the green areas and remove all of the template layers before saving.

In October 2013, Twitter changed the way that images and Vine videos appear in its desktop and mobile news feeds; a portion of direct upload images and Vine videos now shows directly on the site. This template will allow you to quickly and easily create images where the message you want to show, e.g. a promotion will appear right within the visible portion of an image on Twitter, without the user needing to click to expand it.

Google Plus Cover Photo Template / Instagram Profile Photo - Optimsed For Desktop and Mobile

The Google+ cover photo size was amended in November 2013 and is nearly twice as small as before. The template file has the correct dimensions for you. It features blocks of colour to help you work around the positions of buttons, profile pics, and the view of the cover on iOS devices.

Google+ doesn't like square logos. Getting one to upload properly without unwanted cropping around the far edges is a bit of a nightmare, but this template will help you upload one without it being cropped or chopped off by the default circular profile photo.

Note: This template will also work for Instagram profile photos, which are also circle-shaped on the mobile app.

YouTube One Channel Template

The YouTube template will help you create channel art optimised for all devices, from mobile phones all the way up to HDTVs. The different-coloured rectangles represent how much of the design each device will see, while the coloured squares represent the position of your channel icon on different devices. Have your design fill the whole space, but remember that only content in the brown area will be seen by everyone on every device.

How To Download These Social Media Templates

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Social Media Branding Templates Download
Social Media Branding Templates Download
Social Media Branding Templates Download
Social Media Branding Templates Download