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Interactive, Page Turn Online Brochures

Interactive online turn-page web brochures and folders are an obvious partner or alternative to printed material, and have been welcomed by those offering visual products and services to a mixture of high-tech and traditional people. Click here to see an example from the property industry, and you will also notice the potential for online presentations.

Unlike printed brochures, you can benefit from ongoing online presentation or brochure development without the cost of reprinting and redistribution. This is because these brochures are designed for websites, so up-to-date versions are instantly accessible to web visitors.

Cost-effective Fast Solution

‘Page-turn’ brochures and folders are incredibly cost-effective. 123 Internet can convert almost any PDF document into a web brochure or ‘pageturn’ folder within just a few days for a fixed fee of only £150, which includes:
  • Easy conversion of existing information including tables of contents for swift and easy navigation.
  • Built-in search engine optimisation to increase search engine ranking.
  • The ability to work on smartphones and tablets that run Flash.

Planning a website re-design?

Download our easy 6 step whitepaper which will assist you in planning your website re-design.

Your website is a huge part of your business. This whitepaper aims to help you to understand the entire process from beginning to the end as we guide you through the process with six easy steps.

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