Domain Name Registration & Disputes

Domain Name Registration & Disputes

Register the best domain name for your company

Domain names are integral to your company’s brand. Selecting and registering your domain names can be a race against your competitors and is the first thing your target audience sees when searching for you on the internet. The domain names which you register will also appear on all your organisation’s online and offline material, so it needs to be easy to read and remember.

Registering domain names is so important that you could easily end up in a legal wrangle and in need of domain name dispute support.

Domain name help and support is at hand

Whether you wish to register one domain name or several, contact us for domain name help and support. As a starting point, here are some simple tips for choosing a domain name to register:

  • Your domain names can be 3–67 characters long.
  • Include hyphens to make your domain name easier to read, i.e.
  • If your chosen domain name is already registered by somebody else, our search tool will find effective alternatives
  • Register similar domains – for example a and .com to increase your website’s traffic
  • Ensure a larger audience by registering common misspellings or errors
  • Domain names are not case-sensitive
  • Register several domain names to the same website to receive the best service for your money
  • Secure social media and application usernames that are a close match to your domain name
  • Choose a domain to suit your purpose; for example, for a UK audience and .eu or .com for international use
  • Purchase domain names that are similar to your own to prevent domain name disputes in the future

We can secure a new domain name registration for you today for only £30.

Domain name dispute support

Don’t let a competitor snatch your online enquiries – the effectiveness of your domain name can be undermined by someone purchasing the same, or something similar.

Our domain name dispute support service helps to limit damage and resolve issues. For more information about domain name dispute support, please contact us.

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