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Strengthen your brand presence and tap into your target audience with social media.

Social media management provides powerful insights into your target audience, boosting your engagement activity across all relevant platforms.

Times have changed and being active on social media is now an essential part of communicating your marketing message. By ensuring you are posting timely, up to date content, as well as actively engaging with your customers, you can provide huge benefits for you and your company.

By using a dependable social media management team, you will be able to focus your energy on what you do best, knowing your community is being looked after in a timely manner and a responsive brand reputation is being bolstered.

In addition to this, adding well-planned campaigns into your social plan will maximise the results you can achieve. Our social media managers can offer plans that are tailored to your business, taking into consideration your goals and your budget.

What will a monthly social media support package include for my brand?

  • Social content schedules planned weeks or months in advance to produce regular and engaging content for your target audience.
  • Strategically-timed posts rich in keywords for maximum reach and optimal Google ranking.
  • Timely communication between brand and consumer, with assistance from our social media managers. This ensures you develop a good reputation for responsiveness.
  • Use of visually engaging, professional quality stock photography.

Dedicated account managers

Our team strive to produce unique and specialised strategies to increase your reputation within your industry and extend your clientele. But, we also believe that communication is key to any successful project which is why you will have direct access to a dedicated account manager.

Tailored Packages

Your strategy plan will include tailored packages, whether that be for SEO to increase your ROI, Social Media to widen your audience, or Web Development to polish the look and presence of your brand.

Social Media Management

We understand that every business is unique and that your social media should reflect that. Our dedicated team will work with you in order to understand your business and improve your performance on each platform. Our full out-sourced management services includes:

  • Content calendar and planning
  • Article and blog generation
  • Increasing online traffic
  • Boosting the reach of posts
  • Engaging with potential clients and your target audience
  • Improving your lead generation
  • Analysing competitor social channels
  • Creating paid advertising across different social platforms

The Digital Marketing Managers at 123 Internet Group are fully trained in 3rd party software so that we can track the progress of your social media and keep you updated on its performance. So, whether you need a social media schedule planned in advanced or posted live for events and seminars, we can create a package that will meet your business’s needs.

Look the Part

Just as you wouldn’t attend a business meeting looking scruffy and unprofessional, your social media should be finely polished too. Poor Facebook and Twitter designs will undermine your organisation’s message. Our Facebook and Twitter design service creates a professional appearance, setting you apart from the competition and providing an online platform to boost the communication between your brand and your target audience.

Join the Conversation

With conversations taking place among your target audience across many online locations, 123 Internet’s expert social media training and branding is essential to your marketing tool kit – or else one of your competitors could snatch potential opportunities. Facebook promotions, effective Facebook networking and Twitter management are all important tools to enable you to engage with your target audience before your online rivals steal your opportunity.

Drive Traffic

Whilst it’s important to increase your following social media, it is also important to drive your audience to your website in order to improve your ROI. By using the correct call to actions, online forms and advertising, we can help to increase your traction, improving online traffic and sales.

Save Time and Money

Hiring your own digital marketing team in-house can be incredibly expensive and time consuming. Let our dedicated digital marketing managers save you time and money with our tailored solutions. We’ll do all of the hard work behind the scenes, looking after your online platforms and our packages are made to fit your budget so you won’t be surprised by any hidden costs.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Do you want to grow your presence on LinkedIn but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you don’t have the skill set or time to find potential leads that will benefit your business? If so, 123 Internet are here to help.

LinkedIn hosts over 467 million members worldwide and can be a very powerful marketing tool. Our digital marketing team can help you fill in any gaps and find the business leads you need in order to succeed with LinkedIn Lead Generation.

Profile Management

Let the social media team at 123 Internet lighten your load and generate more solid business leads by working with you to improve the performance of your business page and personal profile.

It is essential that you showcase who you are, what you do and how you can benefit clients to make yourself more approachable and attract new leads. Our team will ensure that your profile fully reflects the image of your brand, updating and polishing your profile to the highest of standards.

Lead Generation

Quality over quantity is key when networking on LinkedIn. To find valuable business connections for your business we use refined searches, looking for relevant sectors, companies and locations. By using this approach, every connection you make will be valuable and relevant.


Whether you want to grow your connections or target possible leads, LinkedIn has a range of tools to help you find potential clients.

With help from our account managers, you can message connections in a personal and professional manner so you don’t have to rely on hard selling. You will also have access to qualified copywriters so you can create valuable content and blog posts to show of your industry knowledge and attract your target audience. The team also have the experience and expertise needed to create effective advertising campaigns, using the results from your lead generation research to target audiences that will be interested in your services.

Save Time and Money

Avoid expensive wages and time-consuming hiring processes with our digital marketing plans. Our Digital Marketing and Account Managers are able to work with you to lighten your work load and look after your online platforms. And no matter what package you choose from, it can be easily tailored to meet your business’s needs.

Paid Social Campaigns

123 Internet can review and manage your paid campaigns via all popular platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Twitter.

We will aim to target and increase your reach through careful and detailed analysis of your chosen industries, locations and adverts. We can also recreate your ads to ensure they have the best possibility of conversion.

Introducing The Platforms


Twitter has over 330 Million users from across the globe making the perfect tool to show off your business and catch the eye of your target audience.


With targeted advertising and page insights, Facebook offers a valuable insight into your target audience. With over 2 billion daily active users, this platform is an essential marketing tool for any business.


Google Plus is another way to put your brand in front and centre in search results and shouldn’t be underestimated!


LinkedIn has become a powerful form of communication for businesses. With a staggering 467 million members using the platform, it is a great way to find leads and build your network.


There are now over 18 Million pieces of content on SlideShare – a fun and interactive platform that can help provide your target audience with valuable content and education material.


Created in 2005, YouTube stands as one of the most powerful and influential social media platforms you can use to capture your target audience.


Instagram is one of the fastest growing online platforms to-date and has a number of tools (including paid advertising, stories, photos and video) to help bring your brand to life.

Email Marketing

Appropriate content in monthly email marketing campaigns quickly delivers your company message, which will help raise awareness and generate leads.

By working with you to understand your target audience, we will be able to create a bespoke monthly email marketing service which includes:

  • Eye-catching MailChimp email template designs
  • Full MailChimp integration
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Advanced personalisation
  • Survey tools
  • Landing pages or a microsite with back-links to your website, which will increase your Google ranking
  • Social media links to grow your audience

Fancy a FREE social media scheduling tool?

Social Media is an incredibly effective way to gain more website visitors and generate new leads.

Using the right scheduling tools makes reaching your social media goals possible and we've provided you with one of the best for FREE! Schedule social media posts in advance for a week / month across all popular platforms and include images which you can edit online before posting!

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