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Reach a new target audience, even on the move!

Mobile apps and websites have become vital – for many e-commerce businesses, more than a third of online transactions take place using a mobile phone or tablet for many e-commerce businesses. What proportion of your target audience regularly use iPhone, iPad or android apps every day?

123 Internet are experts in mobile website and app development, and always stay a step ahead of online behaviour to make sure our mobile sites and apps are second to none. For example, one online start-up flew from zero to more than 1000 active users within its first year.

Should I invest in mobile website or app development?

There is a huge amount of confusion surrounding mobile websites and app development. Even getting started requires an expert: for example, not many people know how to choose between mobile sites, android, iPhone or iPad apps.

What’s a mobile website?

Mobile websites are slimmed-down versions of standard websites, so they can be easily seen and understood by those using smartphones and tablets rather than laptops and desktops and requires specialist design skills. They can be viewed through any browser that you’d find on a mobile phone or tablet, they sometimes have different functionality, e.g. click to call and can be saved on the mobile device for future reference.

How is an app different from a mobile site?

If you can persuade people to download your app, this is an excellent way of increasing the contact a prospect or customer has with your brand. Our apps for androids, iPhones and iPads stay on the device itself rather than needing an internet connection to function.

Are mobile websites and mobile apps expensive?

No, our branded app service begins at £500. Call us for a chat and one of our specialists will help you specify what you need.

Planning a website re-design?

Download our easy 6 step whitepaper which will assist you in planning your website re-design.

Your website is a huge part of your business. This whitepaper aims to help you to understand the entire process from beginning to the end as we guide you through the process with six easy steps.

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