VOIP / IP Telephony Services

IP Phones and VoIP Telephony

IP phones enable internet calling, which is also known as VoIP telephony (Voiceover Internet Protocol). VoIP systems use IP phones, which means your telephone communication is powered by the internet rather than traditional phone lines, which normally dramatically reduces call charges. To the user, picking up the phone on an IP system looks and feels just like using a traditional phone Ė the only significant difference is the price reduction.

By calling internet phones (IP phones) through a VoIP system-enabled network, you can:

  • Connect with other VoIP systems without any charges Ė IP phones are now commonplace
  • Receive diverted calls with no divert per minute call charges
  • Divert groups or individuals
  • Provide unlimited long-distance calling
  • Join or host conference calls
  • Reduce the support costs and downtime of large telephone systems
  • Fax to email

It appears that internet calling features give you more control over your telephony than you would have if you use a standard telephone line. 123 Internet IP VoIP systems can be tailored to suit your own organisationís requirements. We will set up your system, trial and amend it free of charge.

Flexible, reliable telephone services

Every business is different, so it makes sense to get the phone service thatís just right for you. Rather than making do with a system that doesnít do the job, itís quick and easy to design your own solution with our offical partner Callagenix. With everything youíre looking for all in one place, we take the pain out of setting up your telecommunications.

The best thing about working with us is that you can quickly and easily build a telephone system perfectly suited to your requirements. With a range of basic and advanced services available, you can take what you need and design a robust and flexible solution to support your business growth. As they are all hosted on a single framework you know they will always work perfectly together and can be altered at any time as your business demands.

Small businesses will benefit from services such as the fully featured Answerphone service that allows you to pick up your messages by phone, online or by email via an attached audio file. Combined with a simple Call Divert service and Fax-to-Email and you need never miss a message again, no matter where you are.

Larger businesses with more complex requirements can add in additional services to streamline their telecommunications. A Virtual Switchboard combined with the Time of Day and Group Divert services provides a powerful and flexible way to manage your calls. Have you listened to our funny switchboard service? Why not give us a call!

Other services give your business even more options, should you need them: conference calls bring you closer to your customers and help staff in different offices get to know each other, Caller Select allows you to offer an improved service to your customers, whilst Information Lines and bulk SMS messaging gives you a way to keep staff up to date in case of an emergency.

We realise that the range of services available can be a little overwhelming at first, which is why we're always happy to talk you through them and help you figure out what's best for you. We also give you the chance to test everything out first for free, so you can see how it works before you go live.

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