Broadband, Fibre & Leased Lines

Broadband, fibre & leased lines without the fuss!

Reliable high-speed broadband internet access for a fixed fee. Our broadband services offer a stable solution for home or company use alike.

Of course, because it's offered by 123 Internet Group, it's packed with extras. We also offer free setup if you pay for a year in advance and just a three month minimum contract if you pay monthly.

But it's not just about speed. Set up a wireless network and you can use broadband throughout your home or office; perhaps even in the garden!

Free 24/7 technical support: any time you need help, our technical support team is available by email or national rate phone call
No limits: unlike many ISPs, we don't cap the amount that you can download
3 month or 12 month minimum contract: you choose!
High speed: up to 2048 Kbps, 40 x dialup
Always-on: no long wait to connect, or busy lines to clear
Talk at the same time: doesn't tie up your phone line
Easy installation: set yourself up in minutes
Honest pricing: we give you true broadband, with no usage limits and no hidden costs.

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