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Easy SMS/Text marketing solutions

Connecting with your target audience through SMS marketing or text campaigns alerts prospects to new text competitions, or reminds them of an appointment or a password. Nearly everybody has a mobile phone, so effective, bulk SMS marketing and text campaigns can only help to increase awareness of your brand and its offering.

If you’re confused by the prospect of SMS campaigns, just contact us for assistance. If you’re more familiar with text marketing, you are welcome to call one of our experts to discuss your requirements in depth.

Bulk SMS marketing platform

123 Internet has a wealth of experience in text marketing, including database-driven, automated SMS campaigns to help reduce your cost of sale.

Our complete text marketing solution can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection and gives you complete control over text sending. No software or hardware installation is required to begin your SMS campaigns, and we only use our own in-house systems to provide you with a guaranteed high-quality service.

Fantastic tools and solutions!

Our service includes:

  • Message library
  • Multiple database uploads
  • Campaign scheduling
  • Originator setting
  • A quick campaign module
  • 2-way incoming messages module (ideal for competitions and gaming)
  • Full delivery reporting
  • Integrated online support.

Text response to SMS alerts and advertising

Including a text response in your SMS campaigns and alerts drives a greater reaction from your audience, which normally generates larger returns. 123 Internet’s text marketing campaign response manager will:

  • Allow you to track and manage reactions and responses
  • Capture new data for your contact database, e.g. mobile number alongside the incoming message
  • Your responder can also be asked to text into a certain type of media e.g. send text information to an email address
  • Automatically send acknowledgement messages and provide your prospect or customer with information about what will happen next

Text competitions and SMS responses to advertisements

Text or SMS competitions are easy to implement and yield a high return on investment. If you give people the option, around 50% will respond to an advert by sending a text. To ensure that your SMS competitions are successful, make sure you offer a prize that is desirable and will attract your target audience to reply to your SMS alerts. Here’s an outline of how it works:

  • The responder texts in a unique ‘keyword’ to a short phone number.
  • The player’s mobile number and incoming message are captured.
  • An automated response acknowledges receipt and describes what will happen next.

The responses can be set up to charge the mobile phone user or build a potential customer relationship without charging them. The appropriate path will depend on what has triggered the response and your ultimate goal.

Text 2 Screen for nightclubs and pubs or live venues

Text 2 Screen from 123 Internet helps create an amazing atmosphere in your chosen venue, builds an SMS database for text campaigns and alerts, connects with each customer in possession of a mobile phone in your venue, helps secure their return and ultimately drives up profit. This system is a huge hit, adds to your SMS marketing database, opens the doors for text competitions, alerts and many other campaigns.

All the SMS campaign software runs from just one computer with a TV out connection to your screen. After that, all the exciting features can be applied including:

  • Chat room-like interaction
  • DJ shouts and requests on screen, which increases crowd participation
  • Advertising options
  • Competitions
  • Accelerated message delivery
  • Data capture and export facilities
  • Advanced message filtering
  • Bans on abusive users
  • Online statistics
  • Custom reporting

The interest generated in the venue and after your event can be truly amazing.

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