Graphic Design, Logo Design & Corporate Branding

Graphic Design, Logo Design & Corporate Branding

As children we are taught first to read with pictures, then with words. As adults does this really change?

Consider a global company with huge brand recognition such as Coca-Cola. It doesn’t matter what country we are in, whether we speak the language or not, we know when we are buying Coca-Cola. Why? Have you achieved that with your corporate identity? Do you have an image that once seen will never be forgotten?

Corporate branding starts with your new business logo design, and is by far the strongest ongoing influence on the design of leaflets, folders and the online marketing which will take you forward. 123 Internet is a rare type of creative agency – because we know whether your logo design will provide you with an effective web logo, and also if it will work in a design for print.

First impressions count, and potential customers and supporters almost always judge books by their covers when it comes to placing orders. This is linked to the fact that children are taught to understand pictures before they read words. Having established the value of your logo design and the resultant corporate branding, what should you do? Call us.

123 Internet provides sought-after creative design along with a deep understanding of the on and offline marketing environments to ensure that your leaflet or folder design, web logo or any form of corporate branding builds recognition and credibility within your target audience.

Our Complete Company Branding Package!

So what do you deliver as part of your branding? Practically all the artwork you’ll ever need. After we design your new business logo, you will receive our Power Disc containing:
  • Brand Guidelines - The most important document!
  • Your logo in AI, JPEG, EPS and PDF format
  • A4 letterhead design in MS Word format
  • A4 letterhead design in PDF format ready for the printers
  • DL compliment slip design in PDF format ready for the printers
  • Double-sided business card design in PDF format ready for the printers
  • Your logo in small JPG format
  • Your logo in small square format for use on social media sites
  • Your logo design as an Outlook email footer
  • Your logo design as a PowerPoint background
  • Portrait advert background
  • Landscape advert background
  • Networking badge design

Planning a website re-design?

Download our easy 6 step whitepaper which will assist you in planning your website re-design.

Your website is a huge part of your business. This whitepaper aims to help you to understand the entire process from beginning to the end as we guide you through the process with six easy steps.

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