Our Products

Overview of our bespoke products.

Customer relationship Manager (CRM)

This is the complete customer relationship management tool that is vital to any company's business needs. You can use the Internet to share and track your customer information at a new level using our CRM tool. It is the automation that every e-commerce business is in need of, you can manage potential clients, do follow ups and maintain a client database that is manageable and very useful to your everyday needs.

Live Support

Live support helps you to run and manage helpdesk at your site. Our live support system will help you not only keeping your client base intact by providing efficient customer support but can also help you to increase your client base as it offers you a chance to say hello to every single visitor at your site (By Auto Engaging). Our live support system also includes support email ticketing system which assigns a unique ticket ID to every email at support@yoursite.com which allows you to manage and track replies to client queries. 123 Internet Group uses a system like this on our site! Just see our contact us page and lick on the operator icon.


123 Internet Group can offer forum applications and is capable of running any kind of web-based forum. It allows users to communicate and share information, exchange views, get support, discuss issues online and all other such tasks. Our online forums can be used to show upcoming events and tasks as well as managing small contact and membership lists. All of our forums provide support for full WYSIWYG which means your customers will see exactly what you want then to.

WebMail & LiveMail

This is a solution for efficient and effective mail management. An interface similar to Outlook Express simplifies mail management. You can access any external POP3 account using the same interface. Can also build and manage contact information database. It supports POP3 and IMAP4 email protocols. Our new LiveMail system now takes this system and the functionality to the next level. Imagine using your outlook from anywhere in the world, view your contacts, calendar appointments or even your email!

News Letters & Email Shots

Newsletter and email shot applications enables you to generate and manage campaigns. Using our application you can compose newsletters that suite your esthetics, send newsletters and can track them. It also provides you with a facility to conduct online surveys that can help you to shape up in accord with time and trends. And you can gather important and effective information that might help in deciding the direction and flow of your business. Editing is simple and straight forward with our Microsoft Word styled editor.

Banners Ad

Banner management applications makes your site have unlimited number of advertisers, banners and campaigns. You can manage paid and unpaid banners. Maintains comprehensive log of click-through information and impressions in the backend database. our application is designed to make advertising system run with ease. Completed with report generation and banner upload utilities.


Our advanced scheduler makes you get set and go. It is where the experience begins. It schedule your meetings, appointments, to-do tasks, set reminders and receive an alert in your email or on your mobile device, access your contact information from any where. See availability of your team members when you add them to meetings. Organize your daily routine and eliminate overlapping your scheduler.

Online Shopping Carts (E-Commerce)

Our online shops give you an opportunity to sell and market your product to whole world (via internet). You can build your virtual store over internet and can sell your products. You can post your items with pictures and movies for better description to your customers and your customers can buy your products there. Credit cards are supported also you can have offline payments and no need for manual tax calculations store builder will do that for you.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Managing your web site had never been that much easy, as our advanced CMS has made that for you. You can publish. It allows managers with little knowledge of HTML and web publishing in general to quickly build web pages and post them on your site. It is highly user friendly and less technical.


Our systems can enable you to run online auctions at your site. Sellers will get all that is required to sell their items online, buyers will have an insight out of the products they want to buy and you will have all to administer and run auctions and extract your profit out of every sale made at your site. Credit card transactions are supported and many other features that can help your business boom.

Website Tracking & Reporting

Our unique online tracking and reporting system allows website owners to view a range of reports in real-time. Our reports show visitor information, daily visits and unique visits, referrer information, browser and platform information and a huge number of other very useful reports. All of our reports are fully printable and exportable.

Property Search

Our online searching system enables visitors to find matching results from an online database. The website owner can add as many items as he/she likes and with our WYSIWYG system your visitors will see exactly what you want them to! Matching can be build specifically to your requirements and matching customers automatically emailed with newly listed items.

Vehicle Search

Our online searching system enables visitors to find matching results from an online database. The website owner can add as many items as he/she likes and with our WYSIWYG system your visitors will see exactly what you want them to! Matching can be build specifically to your requirements and matching customers automatically emailed with newly listed items.

Insurance Quote Engine

We have had the pleasure of working with large insurance companies including Norwich Union and Hill House Hammond. We have designed and built a range of products from Travel quote engines to online household insurance quote engines.

Vehicle Rental System

With over 10 years combined experience within the car rental industry our unique and fully automated car rental and management system allows visitors to search for instant prices online, receive automated email quotations and book online securely. With fully backend management, the website owner stays in control by monitoring and changing prices, availability and booking information. No matter what size your operation, our rental system can be built to suit your growing needs.

Street Level Embedded Mapping (Now with supporting the Google Engine)

Using the latest technologies we are able to provide online mapping by postcode, area or longitude and latitude. Using the latest Google Mapping System we are also able to embed graphics and points of interest directly on top of the maps. Our systems allow you to zoom in and out of areas at a simply click of a button!

UK Address Searching, Positioning and Nearest Location

With our online PAF database which is constantly updated, we can offer a range of UK address searching, matching and point-to-point calculations. Our systems can be fully integrated into our shopping and customer relationship management suites improving the customer experience and manual labour of manual searching and matching.

123 Internet Group can offer many custom written, bespoke applications to small and large companies alike. Whether you require a shopping cart, an insurance quote engine or a full content management system, we can analyse your needs and prepare a detailed solution.

If you would like to enquire about any of these products a demo can be accessed. Please telephone us on 0800 783 7398 for further information.

Online Virus Scanner

Are you worried that a virus could attack your computer? Almost everyone in there life will obtain a virus, either through email or exchange of files. Damaged caused by viruses can cost thousands of pounds if not treated. There are many virus protection programs on the public market, but how many of them are free?

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