As one of the UKís leading event and video production companies, Giggabox needed a new website to improve their online engagement. After a successful tender to the management team of Giggabox, 123 Internet Group were tasked with updating their existing website whilst also improving itís performance with a new digital marketing strategy.

Our solution:

After careful planning, our in-house designers and developers re-designed the website. New content was added, supported by videos, time lapses and updated graphics for a more professional look. This also gave Giggabox the opportunity to showcase snippets of their own work to their potential clients.

Our in-house SEO experts then curated a bespoke SEO strategy to improve search engine rankings and target potential new audiences. By conducting keyword research, the team were able to integrate relevant keywords into the copy text of the website to improve itís overall performance.


Because of the changes to their SEO, Giggabox have now secured multiple top rankings on Google. This has led to an increase in enquires from potential clients and an improved ROI. The website now showcases some of Giggaboxís top industry work and is much easier to use and navigate.

Services Provided:

  • Website Redesign & Build
  • SEO

ď123 Internet Group are great to work with and have provided us with some amazing results.
The performance of our website has increased dramatically and
we canít wait to see what the future has in stall.Ē