Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - A Beginnerís Guide

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - A Beginnerís Guide

Once you delve into the realm of SEO you can quickly become overwhelmed with the terminology and buzzwords that are casually thrown around. If you’re reading this, then the chances are that you’ve heard of SEO and you know everyone is doing it so think you should probably be doing it to. But, you’re not sure where to start. If that sounds familiar, then this quick primer should give you the tools you need to get started.

What is SEO

SEO, stands for search engine optimisation. It’s about a bit more than just getting good search results though. SEO is the strategy of getting more people to your site, but also getting the right people to your site. It’s not just about getting the hit counter turning over, it’s about helping potential customers find you. And this is without paying for adverts.

White Hat or Black Hat?

This is a term you may come across after in reference to SEO experts or to practices that companies use. It is basically the difference between SEO that works with the search engine guidelines (white hat) and tactics that try to ‘game’ the system (black hat). Now black hat tricks do work, but you are taking the risk that you will get penalised or de-indexed by search engines, which will basically kill your website.

How To Make Your Website SEO Friendly

In a previous SEO article I explained the top six points you should focus on to improve your website and make it SEO friendly. These include:

  • Use headlines and sub-headers
  • Use links internally and externally
  • Long form is working well on Google
  • Keywords should be planned
  • Visual content is king
  • Write high-quality content

How Often Do Things Change?

I previous wrote an article around the various Google Algorithms and what each one meant to SEO. Basically, there are algorithms that search engines like Google use to determine SEO rankings. By understanding these algorithms, you can learn how to use them to your advantage to improve your online visibility. These changes are on-going, some are obvious and are announced - others happen in the background and can take a while to spot.

Avoid The Common Mistakes

Even if you outsource your SEO to an external agency, it's worth being aware of the common mis-understandings people have. You can read a full list of common mistakes in one of my previous articles but these include:

  • Local Keywords
  • Too Many Links
  • Poor Content
  • Wrong Audience
  • Short Content
  • Poor Research
  • Poor Headlines
  • Cluttered Site

Do I Have To Run PPC With SEO?

When developing a website marketing campaign, Search engine optimisation (SEO) and Pay-per-click (PPC) are the most common routes taken, particularly when trying to boost traffic to your website. SEO is usually the first port of call for new businesses, but PPC is also beneficial dependent on your target audience. When deciding which marketing campaign to use, you need to understand your prospective customer and how they use search engines to find your products. Ultimately, this will help you decide if SEO, PPC or a combination of the two are best to promote your website and increase traffic. 

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