Web Dictionary

Web Dictionary

Check Backlinks

Find the approximate number of backlinks to a webpage.

Compare Backlinks

Compare the number of backlinks between multiple websites

Check Competition

Find the number of competing websites for a webpage’s position on search engines

Estimate PageRank

Estimate the current Google PageRank of a website

Compare PageRank

Compare the PageRanks of multiple websites

EDU Backlinks

Find the number of .edu backlinks

GOV Backlinks

Find the number of .gov backlinks

Google SERP Position

Find your website rank for a specific keyword in google search

Keyword Density

Determine how often you use certain words on your website

Generate SEO Report

Generate an SEO report card for your website

Obfuscate Email

Convert a plain-text email address into code so spammer robots can’t see it

Analyse Links

View the details for all of the links on a webpage

Get Source Code

View the highlighted source code of a webpage

Get Webpage Size

View the download size of a webpage

Whois Lookup

Perform a Whois Lookup on a domain name

Indexed Pages Lookup

Find the number of indexed pages for a website

Generate Keywords

Easily Find new Keywords for your website

Clean Keywords

Optimise and clean a list of keywords

Extract Meta Tags

Extract HTML meta tags from a webpage

Generate Meta Tags

Generate HTML meta tags for a webpage

Generate Robots.txt

Generate a robot .txt file for a website

Generate Sitemap

Generate a sitemap.xml file for a website

Website Speed Test

Test the download speed for a webpage and all of its resources

My Browser Details

Find the details for your current browser

Responsive Check

Check a website to see if it’s responsive

Check Headers

Find the HTTP headers for a webpage

Ping Test

Test the ping of a website (how long it takes to connect)

My IP Address

Find your current public IP address

Website IP Address

Find the IP address of a website’s server

Spider Preview

View a website in the same way a spider crawler would view it

Blog Backlinks Lookup

Find the number of blogs that link to your website

Blacklist Lookup

Check to see if your website’s IP address is blacklisted

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