SEO Market Harborough

SEO Market Harborough

SEO Market Harborough

SEO Market Harborough is absolutely massive in today’s digital age and is what we are best known for in our industry. Providing SEO Market Harborough is a core strength that we at 123 Internet obtain.

Having your company’s website developed is one thing, but then attracting the right kinds of organic and real traffic is another. We have tools at 123 Internet that help you view your growth, realize your potential and help you create traffic in the right places.

We don’t only deliver SEO Market Harborough, we range our services on a massive scale. Helping you analyse your success and aim for better. Due to our accuracy on our perfected craft SEO Market Harborough, we have helped generate millions of pounds of revenue for our clients.

So, whether we’re securing places for you on Google’s search rankings, or generating traffic through SEO Market Harborough, we always strive to help your business grow.

Our Benefits

Dedicated account managers

Our team strive to produce unique and specialised strategies to increase your reputation within your industry and extend your clientele. But, we also believe that communication is key to any successful project which is why you will have direct access to a dedicated account manager.

Tailored Packages

Your strategy plan will include tailored packages, whether that be for SEO to increase your ROI, Social Media to widen your audience, or Web Development to polish the look and presence of your brand.

Organic Search Engine Optimisation

On-Page Optimisation Review & Advice

Get clear, detailed and precise advice on how to change a web page for your keyword. You can then apply this advice in a page editor and count all important keyword scores. Our specialists will review your whole website and confirm necessary changes in an easy to understand report.

Keyword Research & Suggestion

Using our vast knowledge and in-house software platform, we can carry out a rigorous analysis and find related keywords and phrases to help you make the right keyword choice. Our in-depth reports will show you the competition and global monthly and yearly searches.

Content/Article Generation

We can improve your website’s rankings by creating fresh, SEO optimised website content for your chosen industry, products and services. By using this content to expand your website, either through our CMS or a blog-based system, you can enhance your website’s credibility!

Geo-Targeted Local SEO

For each chosen keyword and/or phrase, we will generate a unique ‘branded’ page. Increasing the number of unique pages found upon your website will increase traffic and ensure that content-rich pages can be indexed by the major search engines.

Search Engine Submission

Let us submit the optimised pages to all the major search engines around the world. In addition, we facilitate manual submissions through our in-house software so you can obtain the best possible submissions and placements. We'll even check the hidden responses from search engines to ensure your submission is successful.

Directory, Blogs & Social Links

We will investigate your industry and help you discover link exchange partners, evaluate their websites, and manage the correspondence with the website owners. Quality industry blogs will help you to keep your business relevant within the online community. It's another channel of high-quality votes to your website.

Ranking Check

Our comprehensive ranking reports will analyse your listings with multiple engines and keywords/phrases. You can also collect ranking history in order to build trends within your chosen industry. We use the industry’s safest human emulation techniques and/or the search engines’ API services to ensure you will not be banned by the search engines for automated queries.

Traffíc Analysis

By working with your dedicated account manager, you can view and collect accurate statistics. This allows you to look at:

  • referring keywords and their related search engines,
  • link partners
  • ad campaigns,
  • visitors and their navigation
  • popular pages and more.

This provides everything you will need in order to manage and improve your search engine marketing activities!

Link Popularity Analysis

We can analyse the number and quality of links you get from other sites, research your competition and top sites, as well as examine their linking strategy. We can also compare the incoming links to your competitors’ sites to find possible link partners for your site.

PPC - Pay Per Click Management

123 Internet can review and manage your Pay Per Click campaigns via Google Adwords & Bing Ads. Our SEO experts can review your social platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. We will aim to improve your positions through careful and detailed analysis of your chosen keywords, locations and adverts. We can also recreate your ads to ensure they have the best possibility of conversion.

Open & Transparent Reporting

Because we will only be administering your PPC account via Google, you will be able to log in at anytime from anywhere in the world and have real time access to your PPC dashboard.

Ad Design & Copywriting

It's important to capture your audience quickly! Our creative and competitive ad copywriting will ensure your adverts appears with the correct message to maximise the number of clicks you receive.

Analytics Implementation & Consulting

Ongoing PPC management requires knowing what is working the best for your business! We will install Google Analytics on your website and all pages - this data will play a vital role in both short term and long term marketing solutions. At first, it will help target your campaigns into certain keywords/phrases and then. Later on, this data will help us channel your budget into the higher converting areas.

Geo-Targeted & Time Slots

Not every business wants to serve a national audience - we can target your individual ads to a single town or radius. Are your sales people accepting calls at 3am? If not, why would you want your ads running at this time? We can adjust your timeslots to ensure your adverts run when they need to!

Keyword Conversion & ROI Analysis

Every conversion is a result of a search. Therefore, analysing which keywords are the most successful is imperative! Conversion tracking will assist in helping your campaign focus on terms which result in the best conversions, saving you time and money!

Creative & Competitive Landing Page

Not every website is set up to sell. That's where a landing page comes in! Bridging the possible gaps and focusing on conversion, we can produce landing pages on your website which are geared up to sell your products or services.

24/7 Online Reporting Dashboard

View all of your website performance information and statistics.This tool gives you in-depth information on your website's results and performance overview such as how many hits your SEO pages are receiving, how long people are on your website for and how effective your call to action's are. Find out more by clicking here.

SEO Audit Tool

View your website's performance and loading speeds.

Find out how you can improve your website's performance with our report.

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